Get in shape with Tate & Lyle STA-LITE® Polydextrose • The ideal soluble fibre for sugar replacement

  • Sugar and fat reduction
  • Calorie reduction: just 1 kcal/gram
  • Helps to lower blood glucose rise after meals when used to replace sugar*
  • Helps to prevent tooth demineralisation when compared
    to full sugar products*
  • Excellent tolerance (90g/day)
  • High dietary fibre content
  • Intestinal regularity / gut comfort

  • Ideal for light, sugar-reduced,
    no-added sugar or simply
    calorie-reduced recipes
  • Ideal for source of fibre, or high fibre/rich in fibre claims on pack
  • Ready to use alongside leading
    Tate & Lyle ingredients such as SPLENDA® Sucralose in your winning formulations

        • Soluble and clear for easy formulation
        • Stable in acid and heated
        • Stable during storage
        • Clean tasting


Work with the Tate & Lyle experts in:  

        • Taste appeal
        • Category needs
        • Consumer demands
        • Nutritional requirements
        • Food legislation